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As inspired by the valuable opinions of Solarforce customers and users, we now gladly present to you the latest aluminum alloy version of P1 – the P1d.  P1d is composed of a precisely CNC-machined aluminum head assembly, battery tube and tail-cap switch in Mil-spec type III hard-anodized finish.  With its strength and design, it is able to withstand daily impact to various extents and is suitable for being used in different harsh environment.  While preserving the elegant appearance of P1, the P1d is compatible with various Solarforce LED drop-ins and head assembly, making it a remarkably multi-functional and versatile flashlight product.  The P1d definitely suits the illumination needs of both general and professional users.

Specifications and features:

  • Consisted of head assembly, battery tube and tail-cap switch (bulb modules are not included).  The head assembly is replaceable and compatible with relevant Solarforce accessories
  • Body constructed mainly of T6061 aluminum alloy in Mil-spec type III hard-anodized finish
  • Strengthened ultra-clear glass lens with two-surface coating
  • Colour: black and grey
  • Uses two CR123A or 16340, or one 18650 battery by default
  • Tail-cap standard (forward) click switch (momentary on with a slight press, constant on after a click), able to withstand 3A current
  • Water-proof design
  • Size (length x head diameter x battery tube diameter): 136 x 34 x 27mm
  • Weight: 110g (excluding bulb drop-ins and batteries)

Users may purchase the corresponding Solarforce accessories based on their preference and needs, to use with the P1d:

  • High-performance LED modules, with different beam colour, power output, output modes, input voltage, beam pattern, etc: LC-1, LC-XPG, LC-XML, LC-XML U2, LC-XML2, LC-XPL V6, LC-Colour, LC-IR, LC-UV, IH-1
  • LED head: M3, M3s, K3
  • Nylon Holster, delicate and durable: FH-1, FH-6, FH-8
  • Tripod connector: SC-1
  • Battery Charger: SF-16 (16340), SF-18c (18650)
  • Batteries: CR123A (primary lithium battery), S16340-P, S18650-P, S18650P(V4) (rechargeable li-ion battery)