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Gladiator – the newest 2012 flashlight model presented to you by Solarforce.

The design of Gladiator is inspired by the needs of both portable illumination and self-defense of our flashlight users.  Its unique design is different from the traditional style and has incorporated both toughness and elegance.  The body of Gladiator is made of good quality aluminum alloy with delicate workmanship.  It is machined to have non-slippery, anti-rolling and heat-dissipating squares, and  a comfortable grasping handling position.  It has a maximum 7.5mm of solid metal alloy with its body, which has Mil-spec type III hard-anodized surface with remarkably enhanced anti-wearing and anti-erosive nature, and hence durability.  Gladiator is definitely a versatile tool providing you with extraordinary experience rather than general portable illumination.

To further enhance the utility and flexibility of the product, Gladiator is designed to use up to four 18650 batteries.  Each product has three dummy 18650 batteries to allow users to use different Solarforce LED / xenon bulb modules with different voltage input requirements, providing users with up to 800 lumens with dozens of operating hours.  A delicate nylon holster is included for users to carry their Gladiator with waist belts.

Gladiator is definitely one of the best option at the car back, for outdoor adventure and professional security purposes.

Other Specifications :
  • Consisted of head assembly, battery tube and tail-cap switch (bulb modules are not included), which are replaceable and compatible with Solarforce head accessories designed for the L-Series
  • Body constructed mainly of T6061 aluminum alloy
  • Compatible with various Solarforce LED and xenon bulb modules
  • Strengthened ultra-clear glass lens with two-surface coating
  • Colour available: matt black
  • Uses one, two, three or four 18650 battery
  • Tail-cap standard (forward) click switch (momentary on with a slight press, constant on after a click), able to withstand 3A current and stand up-side-down on its tail
  • Water-proof design
  • Size (length x diameter): 340 x 34mm
  • Weight: 457g (excluding bulb modules and batteries)

Head accessories and parts compatible to the L2-Series are also compatible with the Gladiator:

  • High-performance LED modules, with different beam colour, power output, output modes, input voltage, beam pattern, etc: LC-1, LC-XPG, LC-XML, LC-XML U2, LC-XML2, LC-XPL V6, LC-Colour, LC-IR, LC-UV, IH-1
  • Head assembly: L2-CH
  • LED head: M3, M3s, K3
  • Tactical Bezel Ring, made of full stainless steel and provides self-defense function: L2-B3, L2-B4, L2-B5, L2-B6
  • Filter: L2-CF (RGBY coloures)
  • Lantern Host, providing portable wide-angle illumination for outdoor camping and general use: LT-1
  • Battery Charger: SF-18c (18650)
  • Batteries: S18650-P, S18650P(V4) (rechargeable li-ion battery)
  • (Edit: the L2 switch assemblies and pressure tape switches are not compatible with Gladiator)