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The S-Series has been winning high praise from the flashlight market and users since its emergence.  It perfectly substitutes the traditional spotlight with its long-range illumination and powerful output.  Again, Solarforce overcomes the limits of single-LED flashlights generally available and provides you with our latest model of the S-Series – S2200, which opens a new era of portable illumination technology with its remarkably elevated output.

S2200 uses the revolutionary powerful and long-lasting white CREE MT-G2 LED, which is significantly brighter than those being used by the other flashlight models in the general market.  Over 90% of the white light emitted from the LED is smoothly focused by a precisely-engineered aluminum-alloy reflector with its orange-peel-like reflective surface, producing a even and powerful beam which suits illumination of middle to long distance.  The micro integrated circuit installed stably regulates the output of the flashlight throughout the runtime of each set of batteries. 

Besides the tail-cap switch, S2200 has a unique separate output-controlling button for switching the output levels between high, medium and low.  In order to facilitate its users, both the strobing and SOS modes are hidden with this button, which also provides a function of low-power alerting function.  The output memory function (please see operation instruction for more details) of the tail-cap switch makes the S2200 a very easy-to-use and convenient tool.

The body of S2200 is made of T6063 T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy with precise CNC machines in Mil-spec type III hard-anodized finish.  The compact and durable design makes the S2200 an extremely robust and durable substitute to traditional spotlights, even under hostile environments.

Specifications and operation manual:

  • Uses CREE MT-G2 high-power output LED
  • The body is made of T6063 T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy in Mil-spec type III hard-anodized (matt black) finish, which significantly strengthens the anti-wearing and anti-corrosion features of the unit
  • The anti-rolling design and anti-slippery surface of the body provides users with comfortable handgrip.  The body can be connected to camera tripods for general outdoor and photo-shooting illumination purposes
  • The stainless steel bezel makes the flashlight head even more impact-resistant
  • The orange-peel-like reflector produces a focused and even beam for illuminating middle-to-long range of distance
  • Strengthened ultra-clear glass lens with two-surface coating for ultra high transparency and light transmittance
  • Water-proof (IPX-8 standard)
  • Stable current-regulated output with input voltage range of 8.5 – 13V
  • Battery type: rechargeable li-ion battery (18650) x 3 pc
  • Built-in reversed battery polarity protection circuit
  • Tail-cap standard (momentary-on) click switch with memory function
  • The output-controlling button functions when the flashlight is turned on:
    • Press once repeatedly to switch the output level between: high → medium → low → repeat
    • Press continuously (for 2 seconds or more) and repeatedly to switch between the following modes: strobing → SOS → repeat
    • Press once under the strobing or SOS mode will resume the lastly used output level
    • Note: whenever the flashlight is turned off and on, it will resume the lastly used output level
  • Auto low-power alerting function: please change the batteries when the button turns from green to red
  • Lumens rating and runtime (with 3 pcs of Solarforce S18650P (V3) batteries):
    • High: 2200 lumens / 65 mins
    • Medium: 800 lumens / 4.3 hrs
    • Low: 100 lumens / 32.5 hrs
  • Length x diameter (head and battery tube): 224.3 x 80 x 49mm
  • Weight: 705g

Users may purchase the corresponding Solarforce accessories based on their preference and needs:

  • Battery Charger: SF-18c
  • Batteries: S18650-P, S18650P(V4) (rechargeable li-ion battery)