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SC-1 – a new flashlight clip model presented by Solarforce to all valuable customers for fulfilling their needs of multi-angle and fixed-point illumination.

SC-1 is made of precisely molded PC plastics.  Users can fix and connect various Solarforce flashlights to different camera stands with the SC-1 and gain fixed illumination at nearly all directions.  The easy-to-use and convenient features of the SC-1 make it a good company to all users.


  • Body composed of PC plastics
  • Suitable for flashlights with diameter between 22 and 27mm
  • Compatible with nearly all camera stands available on the market
  • Colour︰black
  • Dimensions (length x diameter): 30 x 33mm
  • Weight︰13g
  • Compatible with L2, L2m, L2n, L2T, L2P, L2T (Special Edition), L2C, L2D, M6, M7, M9